Any gathering of 15 or more people in the Garden (not including Children under 18 months old) consistutes an event, and must be approved in advance. Smaller gatherings are permitted providing they don’t disturb other residents peaceful enjoyment of the Garden (see Garden Rules).

The Garden Committee reserves the right to immediately put a stop to any unauthorised events (including events that deviate from what has otherwise been authorised) and eject residents/guests in these circumstances.

Hosting an Event in the Gloucester Square Garden, W2

Even the most well managed events are likely to disrupt other residents’ quiet enjoyment of the garden. For this reason the Garden Committee expects Event Hosts to pay a donation to the Gloucester Square Garden, that is held in a ring-fenced reserve fund for future projects

If you wish to host an event in the Garden you must seek the permission of the Garden Committee in advance , pay the expected donation, and leave a deposit with the Garden’s managing agent.

The Garden Committee reserves the right to stop any event that does not comply with these rules and expectations.

Expected Donation:

  • £125 from 15 to 25 people
  • £200 from 25 to 40 people
  • £275 from 40 to 100 people
  • £350 from 100 to 150 people
  • Any events above 150 people need to be negotiated in advance.

Seperate Charges:

  • Shelters / Marquees (see also: deposit requirements)
    • £100 surcharge for erecting a Marquee
    • £80 fee for using the Garden’s 3m x 4.5m Gazebo (photo)
      • Please note the Garden Gazebo does not incur seperate Marquee Permission fee
      • £40 additional fee for 1 x Garden staff to assist you with setup and takedown of Gazebo, subject to availability

  • Play Structures, Bouncy Castles, etc
    • £80 fee for Small Equipment with less than 12sqm ground cover
    • £100 fee for Large Equipment above 12sqm ground cover (see also: deposit and electrical requirements)


  • Other / Misc:
    • £50 surcharge for connecting into the garden’s electrical supply
    • £50 surcharge for holding a BBQ / Cooking in the Garden (see also: deposit requirements)
      Please note only electric or gas-fired BBQs / cooking equipment will be permitted

Security Deposits:

  • £500 deposit is required for events with 25 people plus.
    • Any rubbish collection, damage to the lawn, bushes, flowers, etc will be systematically deducted from the deposit.

  • £100 deposit is required for Marquees, Large Play Structures / Bouncy Castles, and/or use of the Garden Gazebo
    •  This deposit will be retained for any rule breaches regarding the equipment and/or damage sustained to the garden or property belonging thereto.
    •  Where the deposit is paid for a Marquee or the Garden Gazebo, a deposit will not be required of for the first piece of additional large play equipment. Any additional piece of large play equipment thereafter will require a further deposit of £100.

  • £100 deposit required for a BBQ / Cooking in the Garden
    • Irrespective of the number of people attending. This deposit will be retained if the organisers do not adhere to the General Conditions on BBQ/Cooking.

The number of people is counted as all participants over 18 months old, including hosts, guests, and event staff.

Event Rules


  • A definite end time must be stated in the application and adhered to.
  • The afternoon parties must end by 8:00 pm and the evening parties must end by 11:00 pm.

General Conditions

  1. Applications must be sponsored and attended by a ratepayer who has a personal connection with the event
  2. Applications should indicate which area of the garden is to be used – this will be subject to permission from the Committee.
  3. The Event Organiser(s) must keep the party to the designated area of the garden as much as possible to let other residents enjoy the garden too.
  4. The Event Organiser(s) must not block or obstruct the walking path in any circumstances; that must be kept clear at all times to allow the residents to take their daily walks without any inconvenience.
  5. Any approved Play Equipment (such as Bouncy Castles) must be positioned towards the middle of the Garden as far away from the Houses at either end as possible (rows 9-10 and 12-13 of the Grid Map), and supervised by an adult (18 years of age or older) throughout the event.
  6. The Event Organiser(s) assume all liability for any Play Equipment, the safety of the participants, and the remediation of any damages caused to the caused to the Garden.
  7. Garden gates are to be kept closed or manned at all times. Event Staff are not to be given the residents key fob, with the exception of any security employed to man the gate.
  8. The ratepayer sponsoring the event is responsible for leaving the garden as it was found, with all rubbish removed.
  9. Events must be sensitive to the neighbourhood regarding noise. No amplified sound after 9 pm unless specifically pre-authorised.
  10. Organisers must ensure that the flowerbeds and shrubs are not trodden on by the participants.
  11. Organisers must protect the lawns around any marquee or any organized catering.
  12. For events over 40 people, the organisers must provide portable toilet facilities.
  13. Only electric or gas-fired equipment will be approved. Charcoal / Wood Fired cooking equipment (including charcoal BBQs) are not permissible owing to safety and pollution considerations.   Any BBQ must be stationed on the open lawn, in an area at least 10 metres away from the houses bordering the garden, at least 10 metres away from the play area, and at least 2 metres away (in any direction) from the trees, plants, wooden tables and benches. Event Hosts are responsible for ensuring the cooking equipment does not compromise the health and safety of other garden users. Pedestrian Barriers will be made available to the Event Host to assist them in adequately restricting the cooking area.
  14. The Committee will impose a surcharge/penalty on any residents who blatantly disregard the Event Rules by holding unauthorised Events or by failing to disclose the detailed arrangements of Events which they have booked.   The surcharge/penalty will be up to a maximum of £500 or (if greater) the remediation costs, at the Committee’s discretion.


Enquiry Form

    Your Relation to the Garden*:

    Resident (Rent Property)Resident (Own Property)Non-Resident Owner (Vacant Property)Non-Resident Owner (Rented Property)Other (Please Explain Below)

    Size of Event*:

    15-25 People (£125)25-40 People (£200 + £500 deposit)40-100 People (£275 + £500 deposit)100-150 People (£350 + £500 deposit)150+ People (Price & deposit TBD)

    Extras Required*:

    Permission for a Marquee (£100 + £100 deposit)Use of the Garden's Gazebo (£80 + £100 Deposit)1 Person to assist with setting up and taking down Gazebo (£40)1 Small Item of Play Equipment (£80)1 Large Item of Play Equipment (£100 + £100 deposit, waived if in conjunction with Gazebo / Marquee)Cooking / BBQ Permission (£50 + £100 deposit)Electrical Supply (£50)

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