Residents and their guests wishing to enter the Play Area (delineated by the Bonded Rubber Safety Surfacing) and/or use the Play Equipment must abide by the Terms of Use:

All those entering the Play Area and/or using the Play Equipment, do so at their own risk.
The Play Equipment is strictly for the use of Children 12 years old or younger (“Users”).
Those older than 12 years old may only use the Play Equipment if assisting a younger child.
All Children in the Play Area must be supervised by a responsible adult (18 years or older).
All Users in the Play Area should leave suitable space between themselves and others.
The Play Equipment should only be used as intended. Do not stand on swings, climb on the swing structure, etc.
Glass, Breakables, and Sharp Objects are strictly prohibited within the Play Area.
The Play Equipment must not be used outside of daylight hours or during poor weather (such as Rain / Snow / High-Wind).
Ball games or other similar activities (such as Frisbees) are forbidden in the Play Area.
Bikes , Scooters and other such wheeled devices should not be used or left within the Play Area.
The Play Area cannot be reserved for exclusive use. Users are expected to be mindful of others that may wish to use the Play Equipment.
No personal items should be left within the Play Area or on the Play Equipment.
Pets are strictly prohibited within the Play Area.
Users must not leave rubbish or mess behind in the area – use the bins provided or take waste home.