Booking an Event

Any gathering of 15 or more people (18 months old or older) constitutes an event and requires prior approval of the Garden Committee. We recognise the Garden is a wonderful environment in which to hold a thoughtful gathering, and our Events Subcommittee welcome any enquiries.

Please note: The Garden Committee reserves the right to immediately put a stop to any unauthorised events (including events that deviate from what has otherwise been authorised) and eject residents/guests in these circumstances.

The Garden Gazebo

Those booking smaller events not requiring a Marquee, are welcome to make use of the Garden’s 3 x 4.5m Gazebo for a donation of:

  •  £80 for use of the Gazebo
  • £40 (optional) for assisted setup / takedown, subject to availability of the Gardeners / Garden Porter

Event hosts using the Gazebo take full liability for the Gazebo during the period it is erected, including the responsibility to ensure the gazebo is adequtely weighted and secured to the ground.

The repairs for any damage done to the Gazebo will be charged for on an at-cost basis.

News of Upcoming Events