It’s not just discerning city folk who seek out accomodation in Gloucester Square, foxes do too. This 1.6 acres of tranquility, surrounded by ample food supply in the neighbourhood, make the Square a venue of choice for resting and nesting foxes.

The presence of foxes in the Garden is nevertheless a nuisance;  they bring a substantial risk of disease, cause damage by burrowing, and drag leftover food and other unhygienic items into the garden. 
Successive committees have taken advice on deterring foxes, with the latest report, compiled in 2011, available below.

Unfortunately the only route to complete prevention of foxes would have been a more comprehensive fence around the Square. Indeed the original cast iron railings in Gloucester Square, removed during WW2, had Dog Pickets (an additional run of bars at a lower level) designed to deter foxes, though the effectiveness of such a feature is questionable, and would no doubt have been costly to (re)install.

The current Committee’s approach is 5-fold: