New Tables Added to the Garden

As part of this summer’s furniture refresh, the first 2 of 4 new tables have arrived in the Garden. Residents are encouraged to make use of these tables, though the Garden Committee asks they observe a few simple rules:

Clean the tables and seats after use
Leave no rubbish / food waste behind
Do Not
use this or any other garden furniture as exercise equipment, or for any other unintended purpose
Do Not
move the furniture from its designated locations
Report any misuse via the Gloucester Square Website

Table Types and Locations

The Garden Committee has opted to install two types of table to best serve residents and suit their respective locations.

Low Profile Bench Tables – B1 and B2

Between the Rectangular Flower Beds at either end of the Garden the Committee has opted for low-profile benches that are understated, and can be easily moved, allowing for the lawn in this area to be attended to.

These benches do not have backs, though are accessible to wheelchairs / folding chair at the heads of the table.

These tables were supplied by Alexander Rose in late May.

Picnic Benches with Backs – A1 and A2

In the cutouts along the Chelwood House side of the Garden, the committee has opted for more heavy-duty and accessible picnic benches, with backs. Each table will seat 6, plus 3 spots for individual chairs / wheelchairs.

These tables will be delivered by Woodberry in early June.

The locations will shortly be gravelled by the Gardeners, at which point the tables will be moved into their permanent location.

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